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Parking Regulations :


Parking RegulationsPreserve at Mayfield Ranch Our community is made up of narrow streets that are for driving, walking and playing. The City of Round Rock approved our development with the caveat that all streets would be marked as Fire Lanes with No Parking and Tow Away enforcement. Your Board of Directors has had the curbs newly painted so there is no doubt about the no parking rules. The Fire Department has told us that usually cars would not be ticketed or towed if a driver is readily available to move a car blocking the lanes. That is, delivery vehicles, home maintenance services and landscapers for example. You could also make a quick stop to pick up or deliver someone or something. The Fire Department will not “stretch” this allowance, so care must ALWAYS be taken when parking anywhere other than your garage or driveway. If you park on a curve or near an intersection, you are subject to towing or having a large fire truck “move” your car when necessary to protect lives and property. Vehicles habitually parked “into” the street (aka Fire Lane) may now be towed. This is one of the “check boxes” available to us in our contract with the towing company. For the safety of our residents walking in the street, a bumper or trailer hitch jutting past the curb is an inconvenience and a danger. Backing out of some of our driveways require all the street to make safe turns. Park completely in your driveway or be subject to towing. Newly marked Visitor Only parking is readily identifiable for Visitors ONLY. A Visitor Pass has been created and can be printed from our website: A visitor is just that. Someone visiting for a while or staying overnight for a few nights. If you have a visitor staying with you for more than three consecutive nights, send a request to the HOA for the period of time you expect to be hosting your overnight guest. A Visitor Pass must be dated correctly and on the dashboard. We WANT visitors to our community. Let’s give them a place to park! There is no such thing as a “permanent visitor”. A pass must be created for each number of continuous days you will host a visitor driving a car. Residents are not allowed to park in visitor spaces at any time. We have contracted with a towing company to assist in enforcement of our Fire Lane AND Visitor parking. Residents who in the past used visitor spaces as their “private” space will now face towing. Sadly, we will need to monitor and respond to complaints of residents pushing the envelope. Vehicles with Parking Passes known to be actually owned by residents will now be subject to towing, regardless of whether or not the vehicle has been registered with the HOA. We have very few visitor spaces and everyone would like to be able to invite friends over for a party, so there must be visitor spaces available at all times. If a party is held at the park, please park in a visitor space for unloading and loading only. A short walk back to the party saves on gym membership.  On behalf of the board of Directors at the Preserve at Mayfield Ranch HOA

Street Curb Painting 3 Locations “Visitor Only” Parking 

On Wednesday, November 1st (Thursday is Trash & Recycle) & Friday, November 3rd Double M Striping will be repainting the ugly destroyed curbs we were left with --- red curbs with FIRE LANE TOW AWAY ZONE. Double M Striping will also be painting white stripes to create the parking stalls as well as “Visitor’s Only” on the asphalt for Visitors who are allowed to park with a Visitor Permit on their dash board. Visitor Permits will be made available to you for printing from your personal computer for each time a guest parks in the Visitor’s Only area. The homeowner’s name & Unit # and date must be displayed on the permit. (SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT) There will be a handicap stall in each of the 3 locations. 


HOA Board Meetings 

At the September 5 BOD meeting we decided to do quarterly meetings because very few residents attended the monthly meetings.  The next meeting is scheduled for 6 pmon Tuesday, November 7 at SouthStar Community Room.   Quarterly Meetings for 2018 are:    Tuesday, Jan 9 6pm SouthStar   Tuesday, Apr 10 6:30 at Chandler Oaks   Tuesday, July 10 6pm SouthStar                                                 

Tuesday, Oct 9 6pm SouthStar   


*  This past Saturday (7-22-17) Maurice Tate, John Weber, Rick Herbstreit & Rex Henry spent a couple of early morning hours working on cleaning up our walking path located in the rear of our community.  This is a worthwhile project for all who enjoy walking on this path and all are encouraged to join this team again next Saturday morning 7:00 am ish!!Tks

*  Jessica Woods guest visit concerning Water Conservation for the Board Meeting on Tuesday at 6pm. 

* Congratulations  all for the wonderful participation in BBQ and the FUN Run..Please check your photos in the gallery section.

  1.  1T Fast Walk Winners: Richard Acuna, Promod Sighal, Dharmika L. & Jyoti Upada 
  2. 3T Race Winners: Ashley Bridges, John Weber, Richard Acuna, & Gaurav Kekre 
  3. Children’s Winners: Cash Anderson & Alan Jaf 

* HOA Meeting Timings has been  changed to 6-8 PM .

HOA Members

Community Signs

Yard of the Month Contest

Lets Keep the Community beautiful and every Month HOA is going to announce one winner for the best yard in the community and   the winner for the Month of July is .....  Mr and Mrs Henry  have a lovely yard!

Home# 206 ...

Note : Below details has the  guidelines committee went by :

Each month the landscape committee will select a "yard of the month". Our sign will be in the yard for the month and residents will receive a small gift.
Criteria for yard of the month are:
    Healthy, mowed and edged lawn area
    Weed free, mulched flower beds
    Annual or perennial color

* The Board Member can win Yard of Month but wont receive the Gift Card

Signs Board for Lease or Sale

Please ask the realtor to  collect the signs from HOA board when leasing or selling the House.Board will keep a 100$ deposit (re funded on return)for sign and 1$ a day rent which will go in helping community

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